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To submit Android application, follow next steps:

  1. Go to your Google Developer Console.
  2. Click the "Create application" button.
  3. Enter the name of your app and choose the default language. 
  4. Go to "App releases" on the left side menu and click on "Manage" in "Production" section. 
  5. Click on "Create release" button. 
  6. Click on "Browse files" and choose APK file that was generated by iMobile. 
  7. On the left side menu choose "Store listing".
  8. Fill "Title", "Short description" and "Full description" fields. 
  9. Scroll down to the "Graphics Assets" section and upload at least two screenshots, icon and featured banner.  
  10. Scroll down to the "Categorization" section. Choose application type and category. Click "Save Draft"
  11. On the left side menu click "Content rating". In the opened tab click "Continue"
  12. Enter your email address and confirm it. Then select your app category from the list that is presented below. 
  13. In opened window choose desired options of the category. Click "Save Questionnaire" and "Calculate Rating"

  14. After calculating click "Apply Rating"
  15. On the left side menu choose "Store listing". Scroll down to "Privacy Policy" and enter your privacy policy URL and click "Save Draft"
  16. On the left side menu choose "Pricing & distribution".
  17. Choose countries where you want to distribute your app.
  18. Choose "Yes" or "No" in "Primarily Child-Directed" and "Contains ads" options. 
  19. Scroll down to the "Consent" section, checkmark "Content guidelines" and "US export laws" checkboxes. Click "Save Draft"
  20. Go to "App releases" and click "Edit release" in the "Production" section. 

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