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Splash Screen - this is the first thing that the user sees on the mobile screen. This is the image that appears when the application is downloaded.

It gives a first impression of the application and the store, so it means you must pay special attention to its design.

Applications need some time to run. You can’t avoid this delay. But you can use this time with benefit.

Instead of showing an empty screen, why not show the user something beautiful and well-designed?

Usually, it is a logo or just a picture with some information or without it.

In our case you can choose image or color for your splash screen.

  • If you have a great start image, select “Image” in the settings window. Click on the area with empty image and choose appropriate one. The following file formats are supported: png, jpg and jpeg.

  • If you select "Color", your splash screen will display the color that you choose from the palette.


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