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iMobile is the easiest and the fastest way to create a native mobile app for your existing Shopify store without coding skills!

  • Easily convert store into Android & iOS mobile application with no coding.
  • Create a multilingual app and significantly boost sales.
  • Increase customer engagement and brand value.

In modern world more and more people prefer to use their mobiles for surfing Internet and making purchasing. If you want to reach new audience and increase sales from your online store, it’s better to make a native mobile application for your web site.

Mobile app it's a great opportunity to keep in touch with your customers. Scrolling store's mobile version people can forget about it after a while even if they like some products.

It can't happen with application because it's always on mobile's desktop and remind about itself every moment you use the smartphone.

Why do you need iMobile

iMobile was created with the aim to help website owners make a native Android or iOSmobile application for existing Shopify stores. No matter which platform your customers use, application will work perfectly on both. You don't need coding skills, iMobile will make all process by itself.


We do everything to make our apps flexible and customizable. Thus, you can easily integrate other applications into iMobile and qualitatively complement its functionality.

For example, you can facilitate foreign customers the process of selecting products and their purchases, adding multilingual content to the store’s application. What a great opportunity to win customer’s sympathy, isn’t it?

Why should you choose us:

  • One click installation.
  • Easily connect with Shopify.
  • Customize the store by drag and drop.
  • Create app for both platforms: iOS and Android.
  • Don’t waste time for developers, upload information by yourself.
  • Create a unique app that perfectly suites to your store.
  • Change app settings even after its release.
  • One click customize without rebuild.
  • Dynamic customization.

What will you get:

  • Mobile app can enhance brand value.
  • Increase mobile conversion and boost sales.
  • Your application will appear in App Store and Play Market.

Main steps for app creation with iMobile:

  1. Choose color theme or create your own.
  2. Create custom landing page and operate interface elements by drag and drop method.
  3. Click "Build" and your app is ready to work for you!

Benefits for your merchants:

  • checkout in seconds with Apple Pay;
  • app is friendly to iOS and Android smartphones;
  • absolutely clear and convenient navigation and search;
  • customers can save favorite products to the wish-list and return to them later;
  • share favorite products with friends in Facebook, email, sms, etc.;
  • clear content on customer’s native language;
  • multiple currency switcher;
  • dynamic style changes;
  • share email, sms, etc.


And last but not less important - store's app will have amazing interface. Well-designed menu and pages will create a pleasant impression and contribute further purchase.

With this app you will have a great opportunity to increase customers engagement and, as a consequence, increase sales. iMobile clearly demonstrates that there is no need coding skills for app creation.

If you have any questions or problems, iMobile support team is always ready to help you!

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