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To create Certificate .p12 for iOS, follow instruction:

  1. Login into the iOS Developer Console.
  2. Click "Account" at the top of the page.
  3. Click on "Certificates, Identifiers, & Profiles"
  4. Go to "Certificates" > "Production" and then to "iOS Certificates (Production)". Click "+"
  5. Under "Production" select "App Store" and "Ad Hoc"
  6. Scroll down then click "Continue". Follow the steps provided by Apple for "Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)"
  7. Now it is time to create "Certificate Signing Request (CSR)" file. In your Spotlight window type in "Keychain" and click "Keychain Access"
  8. On the top menu bar for Keychain Access go to "Certificate Assistant" > Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority… 
  9. Enter your information: "Email Address" and "Certificate Common Name".
    Note: The CA Email is not needed if you are saving the CSR to disk. 
  10. Click "Saved to Disk" and click "Continue".
  11. Save the "Certificate Signing Request File" to a directory on your Mac. 
  12. Go back to your developer account on, in the "About Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)" section click "Continue"
  13. In "Generate your certificate" section, under "Upload CSR File", choose the file saved two steps ago and click "Continue"
  14. Now, when your certificate is ready, click "Download" to download the certificate to your Mac.
  15. Give the certificate a name with a ".cer extension" and save to a location of your choice on your Mac. 
  16. Locate the certificate in "Finder", and double-click the certificate file name to add to Keychain Access on your Mac. This needs to be done so you can create a P12 file from "Keychain Access"
  17. Open "Keychain Access" on your Mac.
  18. On the left navigation panel, under "Category", select "Certificates".
  19. In the search bar type: distribution.
  20. Locate your new certificate and expand it by clicking the triangle icon to the left of the certificate name. After expanding, you should see a private key under the distribution certificate. 
  21. Right-click the distribution certificate and click Export "iPhone Distribution:….". to create a P12 certificate file containing the distribution certificate and the private key.
  22. Give the P12 certificate file a name and choose a specific location where you want to save the file. Click "Save".
  23. After saving, you are prompted to enter a password to protect the P12 certificate file. Click "OK" after entering and verifying your password.
    Important: Please do not lose this password. You will need this password to use this P12 file for signing.
  24. Congratulations! Now you have a proper P12 certificate file that is ready for signing iOS apps.

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