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When you make all settings, you will see that the Release section will be opened for you.

On this stage you are ready to generate the app. This step needs attention and some preparations.

To generate the app for Android you must have:

  • Android keystore
  • Google Play developer account (costs 25$) - If you want to publish your app in Google Play Store. If you need push notifications in your app.
  • Google account on If you need push notifications in your app.

If you don't need to upload your app to the Google Play Store and you don't want push notifications in the app, you will need only Keystore. 

If for some reason you can not release the app by yourself, you can send us a request. We will do it for you. This service does not require additional payment.

We will ask you to provide us your username and password. We need them to generate the app.

You will find Send Request button on the Release page. Our support team will contact you as soon as possible. We work for you every day without days off and holidays.

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